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Food Market
Mzansi Food Market – An escape from factory-made

Getting away from supermarket aisles and talking to passionate produce experts is always a pleasure. Our events offer more than just shopping, appealing to anyone interested in making their own...

Things to enjoy at Mzansi Food Market

The Mzansi Food Market plans to take the market experience and magnify it like never before. Stalls of every kind will be offering goods that surprise and delight - from unexpected flavour combinations to innovative production practices. Whether the attendee is looking to grow their own or just wanting to discover something new they’re sure to find what they are looking for.

Mzansi Food Market block 1
Grow Your Own in the City

With the price of food going up many South Africans are seeking out ways to cut costs. This class will give practical tips on what to grow in a small urban environment and how to do it.

Mzansi Food Market block 2
The Pesto vs. Paste Competition

Not everyone with a blender has mastered the art of a good pesto. Yet, it is a firm flavour favourite. So, let’s get the gurus to go up against each other and show SA how it’s done.

Mzansi Food Market block 3
The Art of Pickling Masterclass

There’s a lot more to “pickles” than cocktail onions. And, it’s an easy-to-do hobby and savoury sensation. Anyone who’s interested in pickles has put a cucumber into a jar of vinegar but there’s so much more to it. This is where they lovers of bitter-sweet will come to learn more.

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